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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tuck Everlasting

Throughout the years i have read a countless number of books. However even after reading billions of pages and zillions of words, this book by far still remains my absolute favorite. This book right here is one of the few that i can go back and re-read all that i want and never get tired of it. I could read you this book upside down, sideways, and even in Chinese! I first discovered this book when i offered to clean the cluttered cubicles in my class. As i was neatly stacking the books on top of another i saw this book. It stood out from the rest, it was a bright yellow and it seemed torn and worn. As a matter of fact, it was so beaten up that i told my teacher," Should i throw this book away, it's all torn." My 6th grade teacher Mr.Sergent smiled and said," Hey! I have been looking for that book since forever." My teacher took it from my hands and said, "No, it's all torn but i want you to keep it." At first i thought, why would i want to keep such an old looking book? I smiled and took. When i got home and started to read it, i could not stop. I was a junkie and that book was the drug. It took me 5 hours to complete reading the entire book. I fell in love with it. I fell in loves with all the characters: Winnie Foster, Mae Tuck, Angus Tuck, Miles & Jesse Tuck, The Man in the Yellow suit & even the damn Toad.
 The rising action of this book is just incredible, Winnie being kidnapped & spending the night at the Tuck's House.
Everything about this book is pure gold to me.
The ending in a way was tragic, finding out that my favorite character died and gave up her only water bottle of Magical water to a Toad made me simultaneously angry and sad. However after hours of thinking, i thought that living forever would only be good if you were the only one. By only one i mean having nothing, noting that will be hard to let go of.

To end this, I truly and honestly recommend this book to anyone out there. To kids, to teenagers, to adults, to every living soul out there. This is a great book to read.

For those of you who have already read this book tell me, If you had water that made you last forever, would you drink it.
I would.